Diversity Den Virtual Event for Education (NO CHARGE)

Diversity Den is an intentional effort to see diverse Christians whom God has equipped and called to start and invest in businesses, to receive the information, encouragement and tools needed to effectively launch and grow businesses. Together we will learn to identify ideas and innovations from different contexts, backgrounds, and cultures and be able to integrate them in the way we do business as a competitive advantage. The purpose is to broaden our network and create mentorship relationships to help these early-stage companies launch and grow their businesses that honor and glorify God.



Part 1: Education
9:20 am
Communication: How Do I Talk to Investors & Diverse Founder
Monica McCoy
9:50 am
Investor Readiness: Why Am I Not Getting Funding?
John Kaserman
10:15 am 
Investing in Diverse Founders: Why Is My Portfolio So White & Male? 
Sean Mendy
10:15 am 
Panel of Founders & Investors
​Monica McCoy, John Kaserman & Sean Mendy

Part 2


Luncheon & Keynote
11:45 am 
Hillcrest Great Hall
Lunch Line Opens 

12:00 pm
Prayer & Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Jon Edmonds
Keynote Speaker Barry Givens of Collab Capital

12:35 pm



Part 2: Activation
1:40 pm
Best Practices in Non-Dilutive Forms 
Jon Edmons facilitates: SBA representative and Noa Dowl
2:25 pm
Best Practices in Dilutive Forms
Wade Myers


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Part III: Sustainability
3:15 pm 
Sustaining Progress and Relationships
Monica McCoy

Part IV: Showcase Firms
3:45 pm
Evan Jackson & Debbie Chen 
Concluding Remarks

Streaming Virtually Online
Login details will be given prior to the event. 
April 20th – Full Day Virtual Main Event – 8:30am – 5:00pm CST 

Post-Event April 25th – Full Day Virtual Exhibit Hall – 9:00am – 5:00pm CST 


Event Day

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